The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go


The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go

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What’s the definition of a will?

Come on guys it’s a dead giveaway

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Who the hell invented the word “smexy” and what the fuck does the letter m in it even stand for



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The real plot line of 30 Rock.

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the fangirl challenge
five opening credits
- In The Flesh [5/5]

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so, In The Flesh has a canonically gay protagonist couple

In Hemlock Grove the two male protagonists had sex

Orange Is The New Black explores the majority of the sexuality and gender spectrum

and jeff davis is asking for praise because he put a random gay character in the background smh


no but people who don’t like pacific rim because it wasn’t logical or scientifically accurate like


we know

we don’t care

it is an homage to that genre. the original godzilla was a dude clearly in a rubber suit stomping cardboard tokyo and we were supposed to just accept that. pacific rim is a movie where a government council sat around like “what are we gonna do about these giant aliens coming from the ocean?”

"let’s build equally giant robots to punch them in the face"

"yes perfect" and like, that was of course the logical response because it’s friggin cool

mako didn’t use the sword because she had to wait until the perfect cinematic moment to do so

this movie is a love letter to painfully dumb action movies, but it is also one of the smartest movies i’ve ever seen. it’s just telling a story in a different way. instead of having audience vehicle main character explain everything to us, the movie shows you a world and asks you to accept its premise, and then lets you discover the story yourself.

this movie glorifies platonic love and familial bonds, this movie is about how we as people are stronger together, that it’s not one lone hero guy who can save the world, but the unity of all of us. it’s about the sheer unmitigated gall of humanity- “fuck this noise, we’re canceling the apocalypse!” it’s about the stupid dumb loud optimism that looks at the world and wants it to better, demands it be better, and does so with fists of steel.

it’s bombast and noise and i love it to bits so shut up and sit down and let me enjoy my giant robots punching giant monsters in the face okay?

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so vicious

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when white boys make fun of girls getting drunk im kinda just like but have you seen white boys wasted. they start rapping and whispering into girls necks and start yelling racist shit to people on the street. when girls get wasted it just means we’re all super nice to each other in the bathroom and dance to beyonce

I have met so many nice drunk girls in bathrooms

Nice drunk girls in bathrooms are the best.

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Best face
still my favorite
an example of perfect, perfect comedic timing in comic panels


Best face

still my favorite

an example of perfect, perfect comedic timing in comic panels

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For all the dorks like me who had no idea what was going on in the Tumblr Shutdown of July 2k14 — - I got your back.

Here are some badges, friends.

Wut. There was a shut down?

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short hair pros

  • no tangles
  • only 1 box of dye no matter how thick your hair is!
  • wow you save like $18372 on shampoo and product
  • people can play with your hair without getting tangles
  • can fluff it like a punk or slick it back like a classy person

short hair cons

  • like 3 style options. maybe 4.
  • no mermaid hair when you swim
  • no hair-stache
  • sticks up at crazy angles while you sleep
  • can never sleep with wet hair
  • ever.

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tumblr is just so whipped when it comes to natalie dormer

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